Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Women's Health Symposium

Poster Abstracts List

Poster abstracts for the symposium are viewable by clicking their descriptions below. 

The selected abstracts demonstrate the impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals on women’s health or successful outcomes in the prevention or treatment of endocrine disrupting chemicals’ impact on women’s health.

1 Kristen Upson
Blood lead concentrations and uterine fibroid incidence: A prospective study

2 Kristen Upson
Tampon use as a source of toxic metal exposure: Results from NHANES 2001-2004

3 Jenni A. Shearston
Tampons As a Source of Exposure to Metal(loid)s

4 Xiaoran Yang
Association of Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution with Thyroid Function in Early Pregnancy in a Low-Income Hispanic Cohort

5 Lesliam Quirós-Alcalá
Prevalence of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Among Black and Latina Hairdressers: A Pilot Study

6 Lesliam Quirós-Alcalá
Prevalence of Gynecologic Health Outcomes Among Black and Latina Hair Hairdressers: A Pilot Study

7 Melissa Herbst-Kralovetz
Global signature of paraben metabolites in estrogen-mediated cancers

8 Lariah Edwards
Characterizing exposure to and avoidance of chemicals in consumer products in a cohort of Latinas and Black women: Taking Stock Study

9 Arianna V.E. Foster
Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate use and blood lead concentrations: Results from NHANES 2003-2012

10 Kara Miller
Exposure to a Phthalate Mixture Alters the Fatty Acid Profile in Mouse Ovarian Antral Follicles

11 Jordan Arvayo
Early pregnancy plasma per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and postpartum long term maternal weight trajectory

12 Maximilien Génard-Walton
Associations of maternal urinary concentrations of phenols, individually and as a mixture, with serum biomarkers of thyroid function and autoimmunity: results from the EARTH Study