The Fourth Summit: Geroscience for the Next Generation

Iman M. Al-Naggar, PhD

Dr. Al-Naggar is an Assistant Professor at the UConn Center on Aging, with appointments in the Departments of Cell Biology and Surgery/Urology at the University Of Connecticut School Of Medicine. She is interested in testing geroscience-guided interventions in the alleviation of age-related lower urinary tract symptoms. She also wishes to develop urinary biomarkers of aging for use in clinical trials of geroscience-guided interventions. Dr. Al-Naggar also has a great passion for education and communicating science to the public. She has joined the executive committee of the NIH-funded Geroscience Education and Translation Network (R25AG073119) which seeks to create curricula and materials in geroscience education, while also ensuring the training of a national workforce in translational geroscience.