The Fourth Summit: Geroscience for the Next Generation

Heather Allore

The focus of my research collaborations and methodological development work is the field of Gerontological Biostatistics, which I founded. My leadership roles include previous Director of Biostatistics at the Yale Program on Aging for 12 years and currently as the Director of the Yale Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center’s Data Management and Statistics Core and leader of the Design and Statistics Core of Imbedded Pragmatic Alzheimer’s Disease and AD-Related Dementias Clinical Trials Collaboratory. I am Co-director of the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core of the Yale Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for Precision Medicine focused on Health Disparities, especially adults with multiple chronic conditions and Co-Lead the Data and Measures Committee of the NIA-funded AGING Initiative, which is a collaboration of OAICs and the Healthcare Systems Research Network. My innovated analytic methods include clinical trial design and joint trajectories of cognition, function and mortality. Innovative designs and biostatistical methods are required to rigorously address the myriad of unanswered scientific questions related to older adults.