The ME/CFS Research Roadmap webinars are virtual events open to the public during which ME/CFS experts will present current research, knowledge gaps, and future research opportunities for ME/CFS. Each webinar will include opportunities for questions, comments, and new ideas from interested stakeholders and the broader ME/CFS community, including researchers, clinicians, advocates, those living with ME/CFS, and others.

Each webinar is limited to 500 participants.

Each webinar will be recorded and will be available, along with a full transcript, on the NANDS website at NANDSC ME/CFS Research Roadmap Working Group page.

Friday August 25th


10:00 AM ETIntroduction

Vicky Whittemore, PhD NIH/NINDS

Webinar Moderator: Jarred Younger, PhD

10:05 AM ETLived ExperienceTrisha Fisher
10:10 AM ETTalk 1: CognitionGudrun Lange, PhD
Pain & Fatigue Study Center
10:35 AM ET Talk 2: DysautonomiaPeter Rowe, MD
Johns Hopkins Medicine
11:00 AM ETTalk 3: Cerebral Spinal Fluid StudiesJonas Bergquist, MD, PhD
ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center at Uppsala University
11:20 AM ETBreak 
11:35 AM ETTalk 4: NeuroimagingJarred Younger, PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
12:00 PM ETTalk 5: SleepJanet Mullington, PhD
Harvard Medical School
12:25 PM ETBreak 
12:40 PM ETTalk 6: Peripheral Nervous SystemPeter Novak, MD, PhD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
1:05 PM ETPanel DiscussionModerators: Jarred Younger, PhD and
Vicky Whittemore, PhD
1:55 PM ETConclusionVicky Whittemore, PhD
2:00 PM ETAdjourn 
Thursday October 19th  
Time Topic Speakers/Moderators
11:00 AM ET Introductions Vicky Whittemore, PhD; NIH/NINDS
11:10 AM ET Clinical Immunology of ME/CFS Nancy Klimas, MD; Nova Southeastern University
12:00 PM ET Evidence for autoimmunity in ME/CFS Carmen Scheibenbogen, MD; Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin
12:40 PM ET Immune cell-type approaches to identify mechanisms of ME/CFS Maureen Hanson, PhD; Cornell University
1:15 PM ET Break
1:30 PM ET Predictive and mechanistic insights into immune perturbations during ME/CFS Derya Unutmaz, MD; Jackson Laboratories
2:05 PM ET Gut-Immune-Metabolic Interplay in ME/CFS Armin Alaedini, PhD; Columbia University
2:25 PM ET Lived Experience Angela Termini
2:35 PM ET Lived Experience Tracy Duvall
2:40 PM ET Research Priorities, What is translatable clinically? Moderator: Vicky Whittemore, PhD
2:55 PM ET Closing Remarks Vicky Whittemore, PhD
3:00 PM ET Adjourn

Thursday October 26th


11:00 AM ETWelcome remarksVicky Whittemore, PhD
Program Director, National Institutes of Health
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
 Session 1Alain Moreau, PhD (moderator)
Université de Montréal, Canada
11:05 AM ETSpeaker 1:  “Lived Perspective of a Patient – Progress Made via Self-education, Determination, Self-tracking, and Analysis”Chris Wikman
11:20 AM ETSpeaker 2:  “The interplay between metabolism and immunology in ME/CFS”Shuzhao Li, PhD
Jackson Laboratories, USA
12:00 PM ETSpeaker 3:  “Investigations and Consequences of Altered Metabolism in ME/CFS Immune Cells”Jessica Maya, PhD
Post-doctoral fellow / Dr. Maureen Hanson’s Lab
Cornell University, USA
12:30 PM ETSpeaker 4:  “Single-cell Raman technologies for diagnosis and investigation of ME/CFS immune cells”Jiaboa Xu, PhD
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
1:10 PM ETBreak 
 Session 2Alain Moreau, PhD (moderator)
Université de Montréal, Canada
1:40 PM ETSpeaker 5:  “Studying Metabolomics in ME/CFS – A Computational Perspective”Wenzhong Xiao, PhD
Harvard School of Medicine, Boston, USA
2:20 PM ETSpeaker 6:  “Microbial metabolism in ME/CFS pathogenesis: The state of supporting evidence and prevailing knowledge gaps”Brent Williams, PhD
Columbia University, New York City, USA
3:00 PM ETSpeaker 7:  “Metabolic characterisation of biofluids in ME/CFS”Chris Armstrong, PhD
Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia
3:40 PM ETClosing remarksVicky Whittemore, PhD
Program Director, National Institutes of Health
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
3:45 PM ETAdjourn 

Wednesday November 1st


11:00 AM ETOpening remarksVicky Whittemore, PhD
11:05 AM ET Oved Amitay, PhD
Solve M.E.
11:08 AM ETLived experience PerspectiveHayla Sluss, PhD
University of Massachusetts
 Session 1:  Large data-sets and Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) 
11:15 AM ETGenetic risk factors of ME/CFS: a critical review (GWAS)Chris Ponting, PhD
University of Edinburgh
11:45 AM ETCombinatorial analysis of Genetic Risk Factors for ME/CFS, UK BiobankStephen Gardner, PhD
12:10 PM ETGenetic susceptibility in Long Covid and ME/CFS: Long COVID Host Genetics Initiative (international network)Hanna Ollila, PhD
University of Helsinki
Vilma Lammi, PhD
University of Helsinki
Anniina Maria Tervi, PhD
University of Helsinki
12:35 PM ETThe use of Large public biobanks for genotype/phenotype analysis: Industry perspectiveSlavé Petrovski, PhD
12:55 PM ETQ&A 
1:05 PM ETBreak 
 Session 2: Enriched cohorts and Epigenetics  
1:25 PM ETCharacterizing the Genetic Basis of ME/CFS through Case-Control and Family StudiesFereshteh Jahaniani, PhD
Varuna Chander, PhD
1:50 PM ETContribution of Epigenomics to ME/CFS Pathogenesis: Past, Present and FutureAlain Moreau, PhD
Université de Montréal
2:20 PM ETClosing remarksKristina Allen-Brady, PhD
University of Utah
2:35 PM ETAdjourn 

Thursday November 30th


11:00 AM ETIntroductionVicky Whittemore, PhD
11:05 AM ETLived ExperienceDavid Holcomb
11:15 AM ETChronic infection in Long COVIDMichael Peluso, MD, MHS
University of California San Francisco
11:50 AM ETDiscussion 
12:00 PM ETChronic infection in ME/CFS: non-Herpes virusesMaureen Hanson, PhD
Cornell University
12:40 PM ETDiscussion 
12:50 PM ETBreak 
1:15 PM ETInfection/reactivation of herpesviruses and ME/CFSAnthony Komaroff, MD
1:55 PM ETDiscussion 
2:05 PM ETEndogenous retroviruses and ME/CFSProf. Simon Carding
Quadrum Institute, University of East Anglia
2:30 PM ETDiscussion 
2:40 PM ETAdjourn 

Friday December 8th


11:00 AM ETIntroductionVicky Whittemore, PhD
11:05 AM ETIlluminating Whole Body Immune Responses In ME/CFS Using PETMichele James, PhD
Stanford University
11:30 AM ETThe Cell Danger ResponseRobert Naviaux, MD, PhD
University of California, San Diego
11:55 AM ETUpdate on the Itaconate Shunt HypothesisRob Phair, PhD
Integrative Informatics
12:15 PM ETLived experience: searching for mechanisms of ME/CFS in other conditionsDominic Stanculescu
Independent Researcher, Belgium
12:35 PM ETConsensus report on what is refreshing sleep?Rebecca Robbins, PhD
Harvard Medical School
12:50 PM ETNon-refreshing SleepMaiken Nedergaard, MD, DMSc
University of Rochester and University of Copenhagen
1:30 PM ETMetabolism and ME/CFSKarl Tronstad, PhD
University of Bergen
1:55 PM ETBH4: a potential culpritRon Davis, PhD
Stanford University
2:20 PM ETExtracellular vesiclesLudovic Giloteaux, PhD
Cornell University
2:45 PM ETOverall discussion 
3:00 PM ETAdjourn 

Friday January 5th


11:00 AM ETIntroduction and welcome Vicky Whittemore, PhD
Beth Pollack
11:05 AM ET

Lesser Studied Pathologies: Overview; Prevalence and Comorbidities Inclusion in Research

Beth Pollack
11:15 AM ETConnective Tissue Disorders, Spinal Conditions, and ME/CFSIlene Ruhoy, MD, PhD
Mount Sinai South Nassau
11:55 AM ETBreak 
12:05 PM ETTethered Cord SyndromePetra Klinge, MD, PhD
Brown University
12:30 PM ETMast Cell Activation Disorders and ME/CFSAnne Maitland, MD, PhD
Mount Sinai
12:55 PM ETNeurosurgical Conditions in ME/CFSJulie Rehmeyer
1:00 PM ETBreak 
1:10 PM ETGastrointestinal Dysfunction in ME/CFS: The Role of the Neuroimmune AxisLaura Pace, MD, PhD
University of Utah
1:40 PM ETME/CFS and Female Reproductive HealthBeth Pollack
1:45 PM ETME/CFS and NeuroendocrinologyNatalie Thomas, PhD
The University of Melbourne
1:55 PM ETEndometriosis & ME/CFSEmelia von Saltza
2:00 PM ETReproductive Health in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)Roumiana Boneva, MD, PhD
Elizabeth Unger, MD, PhD
2:20 PM ETBreak 
2:25 PM ETPanel discussion with all speakers 
2:50 PM ETClosing RemarksBeth Pollack
Vicky Whittemore, PhD
3:00 PM ETAdjourn 

Thursday January 11th


11:00 AM ETIntroductionVicky Whittemore, PhD
11:10 AM ETLived ExperienceGwynn Dujardin
11:25 AM ETEndotheliitisJane Mitchell, PhD
Imperial College London
11:55 AM ETMicroclotsResia Pretorius, PhD
Stellenbosch University
12:35 PM ETHypovolemiaFrans Visser, MD
Stichting Cardiozorg
1:05 PM ETCerebral blood flowLinda Van Campen, MD
Stichting Cardiozorg
1:45 PM ETRBC abnormalitiesJiandi Wan, PhD
University of California, Davis
2:15 PM ETNeurovascular DysregulationDavid Systrom, Jr, MD
Brigham & Women’s Hospital Harvard
2:45 PM ETDiscussion 
3:00 PM ETAdjourn