Genetic Strategies To Treat The Epilepsies

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Zoom Link for NINDS Genetic Strategies to Treat the Epilepsies

NIH Videocast
NIH Videocast will also be providing coverage of the workshop. To view via NIH Videocast:
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Click here to watch Day 2 (June 21)

June 20-21, 2024
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Porter Neuroscience Center, Building 35 / Zoom

This workshop on Genetic Strategies to Treat the Epilepsies will bring together investigators who have developed genetic strategies to treat neurological diseases together with investigators who are developing or are interested in developing treatments for the epilepsies to discuss lessons learned and to strategize ways to expedite research in this area. The 1½ day hybrid workshop will explore state-of-the-art strategies for treating genetic diseases; the progress, pitfalls and lessons learned from neurological trials and treatments; considerations for designing and implementing therapies to treat the epilepsies; and crucial issues involved in genetic strategies beyond the technical development treatments. Please register to join us either in person or virtually for the workshop in June!