Goal: To bring together stakeholders, researchers, and government representatives to report on progress from the 2017 NINDS/NICHD Strategic Plan for Cerebral Palsy Research.

Day 1 – Wednesday, August 17th

11:00 AMWelcome and Introduction – Dr. Diana Bianchi, Director, NICHD
11:10 AMOverview of Cerebral Palsy Research at NIH – Theresa Cruz, PhD, NICHD
11:25 AMVoice of the Participant – Caydance Anderson with Introduction by Rachel Byrne, PT Cerebral Palsy Foundation
Strategic Plan Priority Area 1 – Basic and Translational Research
Moderated by Jim Koenig, PhD NINDS
11:45 AMNeonatal Brain Injury Impacts on Development  – Bhooma Aravamuthan, MD DPhil, Washington University St. Louis
12:05 PMGenomic Insights into the Neurobiology of Cerebral PalsyMichael Kruer, MD University of Arizona
12:25 PMEarly Diagnosis of Perinatal Brain Injury/Delayed Brain Development and CP – Nehal Parikh, DO MS, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, OH
12:45 PMBreak
1:15 PMDeveloping New Biomarkers and Pharmaceutical Treatments for CP – Katharina Quinlan, PhD, University of Rhode Island
1:35 PMNeurodevelopment in High-Risk Newborns and Rehabilitation of Long-Term Disabilities  – Nathalie Maitre, MD PhD, Emory University, GA
1:55 PMCortical Plasticity and Recovery from Neurologic Insult in Both Adult and Pediatric Populations – Bernadette Gillick, PhD University of Wisconsin
2:15 PMDiscussion – Moderated by Jim Koenig, PhD, NINDS
2:55 PMWrap Up Day 1 – Sahana Kukke, PhD, NINDS

Day 2 – Thursday, August 18th

11:00 AMWelcome and Introduction – Ralph Nitkin, PhD, NICHD

Strategic Plan Priority Area 2 – Clinical Research
Moderated by Ralph Nitkin, PhD, NICHD

11:10 AMPhysical Therapy Intervention for Young Children – Stacey Dusing, PhD, PT University of Southern California
11:30 AMCommunication Development in Children with Cerebral PalsyKatherine Hustad, PhD  University of Wisconsin
11:50 AMTechnologies for assessment and functional restoration- Diane Damiano, PhD, PT NIH Clinical Center
12:10 PMUnderstanding the Healthcare Needs for Adults with Cerebral Palsy – Mark Peterson, PhD, University of Michigan
12:30 PMRacial Disparities in Cerebral Palsy – Zachary Vesoulis, MD Washington University St. Louis
12:50 PMDiscussion Moderated by Ralph Nitkin, PhD
1:30 PMBreak

Strategic Plan Priority Area 3 – Workforce and Resource Development
Moderated by Adam Hartman, MD, NINDS

1:50 PMClinical Trials for CP and Training CP ResearchersSharon Ramey, PhD Virginia Tech
2:10 PMMobilizing for Cerebral Palsy: The science, team, and tech to move forward – Kat Steele, PhD University of Washington
2:30 PMCommon Data Elements – Theresa Moulton, PhD Northwestern University
2:50 PMUse of Registries in CP Research – Paul Gross, Cerebral Palsy Research Network
3:10 PMDiscussion Moderated by Adam Hartman, MD, NINDS
3:45 PMWrap up – Dr. Walter Koroshetz, Director, NINDS