**This workshop has ended - Recording now available!**

From BRAIN to Bedside:
Translation of Next-Generation Circuit Therapies

Date & Time

Workshop Description

The goal of this workshop is to bring together cross-disciplinary investigators to discuss the potential for human translation of next-generation circuit therapies for disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). The focus will be on the use of innovative and novel tools, which includes optogenetics, chemogenetics, and gene editing, as well as cutting-edge approaches to neuromodulation. Sessions will discuss existing approaches to circuit manipulation, advances in gene therapy approaches, and how they may inform future CNS circuit therapies. Of particular importance will be the highlighting of CNS translational hurdles and the translational environment. Individuals from a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds are invited to attend. These include stakeholders in academic research and industry; clinicians; representatives from scientific societies, funding bodies, and advocacy organizations; and interested members of the public.

Workshop Steering Committee

  • Lizzy Ankudowich, PhD (Co-chair, NIMH)
  • Steven Becker, PhD (NEI)
  • P.J. Brooks, PhD (NCATS)
  • Ann-Marie Broome, MBA, PhD (NINDS)
  • Emily Caporello, PhD (NINDS)
  • James Churchill, PhD (NIMH)
  • Beverly Davidson, PhD (Co-chair, CHOP)
  • Viviana Gradinaru, PhD (Co-chair, Caltech)
  • Douglas Kim, PhD (NIMH)
  • David McMullen, MD (Co-chair, NIMH)
  • Douglas Meinecke, PhD (Co-chair, NIMH)
  • Jill Morris, PhD (NINDS)
  • Elizabeth Powell, PhD (NIAAA)
  • Ryan Richardson, PhD (Co-chair, NINDS)
  • Edmund Talley, PhD (NINDS)

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