Oct. 2022 – Sept. 2023

Following the Tri-Regional Maternal Health Conference, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Office of Regional Health Operations (OASH/ORHO) Planning Committee intends to form a coalition of partners to develop priorities and effective strategies to improve maternal health outcomes in Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and rural communities. The Communities Improving Maternal Care Alliance (The Alliance) will support continued efforts and recommendations that were outlined during the Tri-Regional Maternal Health Conference. More information will be provided following the conference. The objectives of The Alliance, in partnership with OASH/ORHO are to:

  1. Build a network among community groups, state government, local government, federal partners, and others to effectively address maternal health disparities at the community level. 
  2. Learn from one another about what strategies are working in our local contexts, and what strategies may be less effective. 
  3. Identify challenges and barriers to implementation of existing evidence-informed interventions. Find ways to expand the use of promising practices to improve maternal health outcomes.
  4. Identify effective strategies to promote culturally competent care within diverse healthcare settings.

Please consider receiving more information about our The Communities Improving Maternal Care Alliance by signing up. The Alliance will begin work following the conference and will create a network of partners to engage in strategies to promote health equity in maternal health.

If you have questions, please contact Monica Geiger at monica.geiger@hhs.gov or Ella Ewart-Pierce at ella.ewart-pierce@hhs.gov.

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